Google Fit sera bientôt en mesure de suivre vos habitudes de sommeil

Google Fit sera bientôt en mesure de suivre vos habitudes de sommeil

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Last August, after working with the American Heart Association and Worth Health Organization, Google incorporated Move Minutes and Heart Points into the a radically redesigned Google Fit app. However, staying healthy is about more than just how much activity you do each day, it’s also about how much you rest. That’s why Google is adding the ability to track your sleep to Google Fit.

That’s big news for Google Fit fans, but there is a bit of a twist. The app itself will not track your sleep. Instead, you’ll need to use another thid-party app to record your sleeping habits and connect it to Google Fit.

The good news, however, is that once it’s connected, you’ll have one central dashboard to get an overview of your daily exercise and sleep patterns. You’ll also have the ability to add or edit your sleep history manually using the journal feature.

While using Google Fit to keep track of your sleep, you might also want to enable the dark theme as well. Not only will it be easier on your eyes, but dark themes help save battery life on phones with OLED displays.

Along with sleep tracking, Google Fit is also adding the ability to map your workout route into the iOS app. This has been available for a while in the Android app, and soon iPhone users will be able to see a map displaying the route they took during their workout. The data will be based on actively tracked workouts, such as walking, running, or biking using your Apple Watch, Wear OS watch, or other connected apps.

According to the blog post, these new features will be rolling out over the next week.

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