Late Night Is Eager pour le témoignage de Mueller, le ‘Super Bowl’ de C-Span

Late Night Is Eager pour le témoignage de Mueller, le ‘Super Bowl’ de C-Span

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Television|Late Night Is Eager for Mueller’s Testimony, the ‘Super Bowl’ of C-Span

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Robert Mueller, the former special counsel, will testify before two House committees on Wednesday, and late-night hosts were fired up to hear from the man who investigated President Trump and Russia.

“It’s the Super Bowl of things on C-Span at 8:30 in the morning.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Or as President Trump is calling it, ‘Narc Week.’” — JIMMY FALLON

“Several bars in Washington D.C. will open early tomorrow so people can watch special counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony. So, by dinnertime, you’ll be just like the Mueller report: mostly blacked out.” — SETH MEYERS

“Trump initially told reporters he would not watch any of it, then said he ‘might watch part of it,’ which means he will watch all of it.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Basically, Democrats are hoping Mueller goes out there and explains his written report on camera. It’s their way of saying to Americans, ‘We know you didn’t read the book, so maybe you’ll watch the movie.’” — JIMMY FALLON

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But Mueller may not say much beyond what was in his lengthy but heavily redacted report.

“The Justice Department has told Mueller to limit his testimony to what is in his report. Oh, no! Now all he’s got is 448 pages of incredibly damaging evidence that the president committed 10 separate instances of obstruction of justice.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“The Justice Department has instructed Robert Mueller to, quote, ‘remain within boundaries’ — which, is that necessary? Robert Mueller seems like the kind of guy who uses those dividers in the grocery store checkout line, even when there’s nobody behind him.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“But we did get some clarity on what he may or, more likely, may not say tomorrow. Basically, he is allowed to answer questions about anything as long as we already know it or don’t care about it.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Pro-Brexit politician Boris Johnson was officially elected today to become the U.K.’s next prime minister. Great. In 70 years, the U.K. has gone from Winston Churchill to a roadie for Spinal Tap.” — SETH MEYERS

“If you’ve ever thought, ‘I like Donald Trump and his policies and his hair, but I really just wish he could read,’ well, then Great Britain has the leader for you.” — TREVOR NOAH

“He looks like Trump after he did the Ice Bucket Challenge.” — JIMMY FALLON

“England basically elected the Jim Carrey to our Jeff Daniels.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

On “The Tonight Show,” Fallon revealed that he had recently purchased a puppet made to look like the actor Timothée Chalamet that gave the internet nightmares.

Danielle Brooks will talk with Seth Meyers about the series finale of “Orange Is the New Black.”

CreditJonathan Prime/Universal

There are some films whose big twists just can’t be explained. The Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day” and the new comedy “Yesterday” are just two in this Times tribute.

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