Le nouveau kit de sommeil de Burrow est le rêve d'un surfeur sur canapé

Le nouveau kit de sommeil de Burrow est le rêve d'un surfeur sur canapé

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No more air mattresses, and no more fold-out beds.
No more air mattresses, and no more fold-out beds.

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By Dylan HaasMashable Deals

Whether you were down on your luck at one point or simply drained one too many White Claws while hanging at a buddy’s apartment, you’ve most likely had to crash on somebody’s couch before — and we probably don’t have to remind you about the back pain and wave of regret that comes along with that. 

Instead of spending another night on a wonky air mattress or rock-solid futon, Burrow (you know, the people who make those super comfy, super trendy couches?) have a brand new Sleep Kit. It’s their solution to the avid couch surfer’s greatest plights. 

That's the face of pure bliss, right there.

That’s the face of pure bliss, right there.

Image: burrow

The five-piece Burrow Sleep Kit comes bundled with a cozy memory foam topper, a sheet set (designed to stretch fully over three couch cushions), a breathable quilted blanket, a 100% organic cotton pillow case (also with a pillow), an eye mask to fend off the sunshine from the living room window, and a convenient bag to carry all of it. 

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Unroll the topper onto the surface of your sofa of choice.

  2. Place the fitted sheet snuggly over top of it (this will keep you from sinking into the cushions during your slumber — plus, it has a cute little pocket to hold your phone overnight, with a slot for charging via USB).

  3. Throw on that flat sheet and quilted blanket, too.

  4. Chuck those throw pillows to the ground and slap your Burrow pillow on there instead. 

  5. Climb into your cocoon, put on the eye mask, and get to snoozing. 

Here it is again, but in GIF form!:

See? It's easy.

See? It’s easy.

Image: burrow

Burrow’s Sleep Kit is going for $350 at launch — which is steep — but those living a nomadic lifestyle, or even frequent hosts, might see a return on that investment in the long run. Burrow themselves even commissioned a research survey that showed over half of those participants aged 18 to 34 often have visitors that sleep on their sofas in lieu of shelling out for a pricey hotel room, so it may very well be worth the cash. 

And if you happen to be in the market for a couch as well, you should check out Burrow’s offerings — you can save $50 off the final price if you go with a sofa-and-Sleep-Kit combo. 

The Burrow Sleep Kit is thoughtful, simple, adaptable, and the perfect replacement for your smelly old sleeping bag you’ve had since childhood. Pick one up on Burrow’s website starting today. 

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