Les meilleurs oreillers en latex que vous pouvez achet

Les meilleurs oreillers en latex que vous pouvez achet

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  • Latex pillows deliver a great night of sleep, providing the perfect mix of support and cushioning.
  • Many latex pillows are designed to be cooling yet as soft as a down pillow.
  • The Saatva Dreams Pillow is our overall favorite, thanks to its layered construction that supports the head and neck and provides a cool and comfortable feel. The affordable Organic Textiles All-Natural Latex Pillow is our second pick.

Everyone wants a great night of sleep. But if you’re someone who has kids, pets, or a spouse who sets the alarm for 4:30 a.m. to start a new exercise program and then hits « snooze » for the next two hours, restful sleep can be a challenge.

With all of those things working against you, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable pillow causing you to sleep restlessly. If the pillow doesn’t encourage airflow or leaves you with a pain in your neck, it’s not doing its job of helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up well-rested.

To provide a high level of support and comfort, consider latex pillows. Latex is firm enough to support the neck, head, and shoulders, yet it’s soft enough to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Benefits of latex pillows

Latex pillows certainly aren’t for everyone, as we discussed recently when looking at the best pillows you can buy. But they do offer advantages in quite a few areas over other types of pillows.

Latex, which is extracted from rubber tree sap, works a lot like memory foam when used in a pillow, according to Tuck. However, it’s more breathable and cooler than what you’ll typically find with memory foam.

As you sleep, you won’t feel like you’re sinking too far into the pillow when you select latex, Sleep Help said. The support in this type of pillow remains consistent throughout several hours of sleep.

For those who sleep on the side, the latex pillow provides great support for the upper body.

Latex pillows naturally have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, according to Choose Mattress. You don’t have to worry about bacteria forming inside latex pillows over time.

Some people don’t like the dense nature of latex pillows, as they’re a little heavier than other types of pillows. But the denseness allows latex pillows to hold their shape better over months and years than other types of fills for pillows.

Even though latex pillows are a little more expensive than other pillow materials, Pillow Picker said they provide a good value. A latex pillow should last three to four years, similar to a memory foam pillow.

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Les oreillers en latex peuvent être constitués d’une seule pièce ou de pièces déchiquetées. Sleepopolis a > dit. D’autre part, certains fabricants placent des trous, des fentes ou des arêtes dans la même pièce de latex pour permettre à l’air de circuler dans ce style d’oreiller également. p>

Avec une conception en latex déchiqueté à l’intérieur d’une taie d’oreiller à fermeture à glissière, vous pouvez supprimer une partie du remplissage, si vous le souhaitez, en créant une sensation personnalisée pour l’oreiller, selon Snore Magazine . p>

Un oreiller en latex en une seule pièce peut être moulé avec des contours, se conformant à la tête et au cou, offrant ainsi un soutien. Certains oreillers en latex auront des crêtes ou des bosses sur ceux-ci, ce qui peut donner une sensation de détente semblable à un massage. p>

Les fabricants fabriquent des oreillers en latex de presque toutes les tailles, y compris les oreillers standard, queen et king, ainsi que des oreillers pour le corps. Différents niveaux de fermeté sont également disponibles. p>

Voici les meilleurs oreillers en latex que vous pouvez acheter: h2>