Cet oreiller réglable de Helix est le moins cher que nous ayons vu à 40% de réduction

Cet oreiller réglable de Helix est le moins cher que nous ayons vu à 40% de réduction

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Helix Adjustable Pillow

Helix Sleep

  • The height of Helix’s Adjustable Pillow can be adjusted with removable inserts, so it can be custom fit for your sleeping preferences.
  • The pillow uses a blend of both cooling memory foam and a down alternative to create support and comfort at the same time.
  • The 40% discount is exclusive to Business Insider readers; it’s the best deal Helix has ever offered on the pillow.
  • Use our exclusive code « BIPILLOW40 » at checkout to get 40% off of the pillow. Please note that only king-size pillows are left for this clearance deal; the standard size is out of stock.

You really can’t put a price on great sleep, but the best pillows can be quite expensive. To get a really great pillow, many people pay $70 to $100. But right now, you can get the king-sized Adjustable Pillow from Helix for 40% off the original price of $99 for a limited time. The discount is exclusive to Business Insider readers when you use the code « BIPILLOW40 » at checkout.

With the discount, the pillow is $39.60 off, so you can get this pillow for $59.40, which is a great deal for a king-sized adjustable pillow like this one.

Unlike most pillows that are what they are and that’s that, this Helix pillow is really three pillows in one. It features two removable inserts that can change the height and the firmness, so you can custom fit the pillow for your comfort and support needs. 

Thus, this pillow can be made suitable sleepers who lie stomach down, on their sides, or on their backs. Or, even better, for people who change positions.

The pillow features both memory foam, which offers support and cooling, and a down alternative fill which is soft and immediately comfortable. The blended materials also promote good airflow and heat distribution, helping with that all-important thermoregulation that’s a boon to consistent sleep.

Use the code « BIPILLOW40 » and the link below to get the BI exclusive 40% off and then get yourself to bed.

Use the code « BIPILLOW40 » to get 40% off the Helix Adjustable Pillow

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