Le PDG de Shopify déclare que de longues heures ne sont pas nécessaires pour réussi

Le PDG de Shopify déclare que de longues heures ne sont pas nécessaires pour réussi

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Shopify CEO Says Long Hours Aren’t Necessary For Success (businessinsider.com)

Posted by BeauHD from the work-life-balance dept.

Tobi Lutke, the founder and CEO of $48 billion e-commerce cloud-software company Shopify,

took to Twitter

to remind us all that

we don’t need to work 80 hours a week to be successful

. Business Insider reports:

« I realize everyone’s twitter feed looks different. But I’ll go ahead and subtweet two conversations that I see going by right now: a) How the heck did Shopify get so big this decade and b) You have to work 80 hours a week to be successful, » he tweeted. He says he and his cofounders have grown this company from a profitable bootstrap to its multibillion-dollar status without him ever sleeping under his desk. « I’ve never worked through a night. The only times I worked more than 40 hours in a week was when I had the burning desire to do so. I need 8ish hours of sleep a night. Same with everybody else, whether we admit it or not, » he tweeted.

Shopify has had a spectacular few years. Its revenues have doubled since 2017, solidly beating Wall Street estimates quarter after quarter, growing from over $171 million in Q3 September, 2017, to over $390 million in Q3 September 2019, its latest complete quarter. It’s expected to finish the year at about $1.5 billion in revenues. And Wall Street has noticed. Shopify went public in 2015. In the past year, the stock has soared over 200% from around $134 to about $407 giving the company a $47.6 billion market cap. But even at the scale of its current operations, he says he doesn’t let his job overshadow the rest of his life. « I’m home at 5:30pm every evening. I don’t travel on the weekend. I play video games alone, with my friends, and increasingly with my kids. My job is incredible, but it’s also just a job. Family and personal health rank higher in my priority list, » he tweeted.

« For creative work, you can’t cheat. My belief is that there are five creative hours in everyone’s day. All I ask of people at Shopify is that four of those are channeled into the company, » he wrote. « What’s even better than people are teams, » he wrote. « We don’t burn out people. We give people space. We love real teams with real friendship forming. » He adds: « None of that is even about product, or market fit, or timing. It’s all about people. Treating everyone with dignity. »

« We are not moist robots. We are people and people are awesome. »

If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars. — J. Paul Getty


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